A little history of Mariposa Iron Company


A little history of Mariposa Iron Company

You may not know the history and the creating of Mariposa Iron Company.

I am here to share some of this with you.

All the routines that the Mariposa Iron members follow is not just a simple routine that one has pulled from thin air, the internet or just simply put

The routines were created through many, many years of research, knowledge, practice and experience.

Lawrence has always been intrigued by the human body and what it can do.

From fictional characters like the Hulk, Mighty Mouse and Superman – to non-fictional like his own uncle who was an avid weight lifter himself.

When Lawrence began weight training in gyms he took notice how many people did not follow a routine, let alone following anything that was really thought

He noticed people would go in, doing the same exercises over and over again. There was some that did mix things up and definitely knew what they were
doing but it was a very few.

He also noticed not many people looked at the body as a whole.

That they would train just the basics and forgo the smaller muscle groups which Lawrence knew would create imbalances.

Lawrence has always looked at the human body as a whole.

That we needed to create strength in all areas, to not only lift more but to keep the body aging in harmony and balance.

He researched, read (there was no internet then!), used his own body as a guinea pig to see what worked and what didn’t. What gave results and what didn’t.


He started forming routines that he thought would work for him and they did.

The next test was to see if they worked on others the same way they did on him.

Through some alterations and changes, they did that too!

He spent years creating routines, a system, that would give everyone results, as long as they ate properly and were consistent.

He wanted to create a gym of which could help everyone no matter their age, stage of life or abilities with these unique routines.

He was told many times this would not and could not be possible.

Lawrence being Lawrence did it anyway.

That was over 42 years ago.

Once in a while there comes a person with a gift.

I mean a gift that can truly change people and their lives.

They have this gift and they show it to the world.

They dedicate EVERYTHING, every time, every second to this gift, this passion, because it’s that important to them.

It’s like they know no other way and they are driven only by this.

Lawrence is one of these people.

I could not even begin to tell you the knowledge this guy has but I do know it’s beyond what you and I have.

He was born with a gift to give to this world. He had a vision for this gift.

With his courage, wisdom and God given drive, he implemented and created not only a gym, but a gym that used these routines on a day to day, person to person bases so everyone, no matter age, ability, stage, could get the results they were after.

This man totally amazes me and all that he has done and that he still continues to do.

I may be a little bias, but well done Lawrence!

A true inspiration.



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