A little Iron history

If you don’t much about us, what we do and
why we do it, let me indulge in a little history and our mission.

I have always been amazed by the human body and what it
could be made to do – physically and mentally. Through
many questions, research, my own trial and error, and trying
fferent training techniques on myself and others, I put
together a training system that would allow anyone and
everyone, regardless of their age and agility, to keep getting
results in the gym, as long as they followed the right eating
and mindset. 

Every member is on this system. The workout changes every
time they come in and all the weight to use is also provided.

I always wanted to be able to help others achieve a better
way of life, without the cost of one-on-one training, but the
same results. This gym is based 100% on this.

We do offer one-on-one for those wanting more of a push, but
this is not needed all the time.

We are committed to you, your health and your goals every
time you come in and train. 

This is our promise. 

Keep strong, 

Mariposa Iron Company

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