Brent Poulsen

I was over weight at the time I first joined Mariposa Iron Company but loved sports. In two years time I quickly transformed my body into a lean machine that built the foundation for

me to compete as a professional triathlete.

Leaving high school I left with the tools I needed to pursuit my dream. Every athlete can think back to the first coach or mentor that truly made a difference in their career and Lawrence was the first for me. Lawrence not only provided sport specific functional exercises for me, he taught me discipline and taught me how to truly push myself to the limits. Anyone can follow a workout program but Mariposa Iron Company creates individualized personalized programs and tailor’s them to the person or athlete’s needs. It made getting in shape extremely easy and fun because I never knew what the next challenge was going to be.

The past 8 years racing as a professional I have been able to stay injury free and I have been able to truly get the most out of myself each day thanks to the skills and mindset that was built at Mariposa Iron Company. If you want to get in the best shape of your life in a fun and safe atmosphere contact Mariposa Iron Company.

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