Where Has My Chest Gone? Part 1 & 2

Funny how overtime our body parts stop being where they used to be.
If you are willing to work at it over time, it can come back to close to it’s former glory.

One day after a shower you may find yourself asking…”where did my chest go to?”
Well it’s still there just waiting you to put it back to where it was many years ago.

First and fore most it will not happen over time.
You need to set up a plan and put into action.
You may or may not need to join a gym depending on what you are looking for and what injuries you have to deal with and what equipment you have at home.

What effects changing this area is your food intake ,injuries, exercises that will work the area and areas around your chest and mentally connecting with your muscles.

Everyone knows – we age – and our muscles lose their hardness and shape.
Then, with our change in eating patterns as the years go on, we build up body fat over this area which does not help things. Along with this, our busy lifestyle we have and so on, cuts into the activities we did before.

I will explain how and what needs to be done to set you on the path of finding your once full and hard looking CHEST.

The first step even before you start exercising is to look at you food. Protein will be the main one here to help rebuild the muscles.
Write down what you eat each day for 1 week. It takes this long to see a pattern.
From there, break it down into carbs and protein.

Keep it simple.

The only carbs that count for lasting energy are potatoes, rice, pasta, oatmeal or some type of good none sugared cereal.
The only protein that count is real meat items beef, chicken, pork, fish. Do not count any type of protein supplement. The body will need real food to bring your back your muscles.

I will give you an average daily intake to start with so can see where you stand, protein 100 grams and 120 grams of carbs.
These amounts again are an average to start and see where you stand. Below is a chart that will help you out.

Protein & Carbs Amounts


Chicken breast 4 oz cooked 25 grams
Lean beef 4 oz cooked 20 grams
Fish 6 oz cooked 22 grams
Tuna 4 oz 20 grams
Pork 4 oz cooked 25 grams
Egg whites 1 3.5 grams
Minced chicken 4 oz cooked 25 grams


Oatmeal 1 cup cooked 30 grams
(Complex) Baked potato 1 medium 45 grams
Rice or pasta 1 cup cooked 35 grams
Cold cereal 1 cup 25 grams
(Non- sweetened

Yes, I know that’s a lot of work but it’s the base that is needed to start you on the path back.

There is no simple fix without this step all the exercise in the world will not give you what you are after.

So before you start this, sit back and ask yourself if you really want to do this.

If you decide to go ahead, start your new eating by breaking the amounts needed down into 3 or 4 small meals though the day. It will take about 3 weeks for you to get into the new outline.

By following this outline you will still be able to go off the outline a bit on the weekends.
Being constant during the week is the KEY.

Till next time, keep strong.

Online Coach & Trainer
Mariposa Iron Company Inc