Creating a goal

So you have a goal in mind.

Now how do you get this goal and really make it happen?

Break it down.

Let’s say you want to lose 20lbs in 3 months.

That’s only 6.6lbs a month.

Only 1.65lbs a week!

Totally doable with the right action plan.

Action plan:

Before you start, write down all that you consume in a day for, let’s say, 3 days. You will soon see all the crap that you can cut out.

Cut that stuff out.

Now, look at this same list and see where you are not consistent and regular with your eating.

Our bodies like consistency and this is when it works best.

By eating a high protein breakfast, and healthy fats, complex carbs and protein for lunch, and protein, healthy fats and veggies for dinner
will be enough for someone starting out to find and achieve consistency.

Now for the fun part…Working out.

For the working out you will want to make yourself push in the gym. Cut your rest period down and really make yourself sweat.

Keep everything at full range.


If you’re doing flat dumbell press, have the dumbell’s touch your chest at every rep.

Focus on feeling your muscles working and know what area you should be focusing on to get the maximum effect.

By doing weights 3-4 times a week will be enough.

Adding in cardio will help too but just keep it on the days you are not working out with weights.

It’s the eating that will give you the best results and the fuel you will need for your training.

Just commit to a month.

The mind likes easy commitments.

So just promising yourself to stick to this for a month brings more comfort than thinking a whole 3 months.

Next month make the same commitment and the same for the next and so on.

The more you can break things down and build that trust within yourself by achieving your goal, not only the greater you will feel but, you are more apt to create even bigger and better goals later on…in all areas of you life!

Until next time, keep strong.  Keep focused.

~Mariposa Iron Company Inc~

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