Do you have your own back's back?

It’s good when someone has your back.  What’s even better is when you have and created your own!

I love training back.

More for the fact that because it’s behind me and I can’t see it and I have to focus on the feel at each rep.

A very good muscle group to practice visualizing the muscle working!

The issue some people have with any back training with a bar, especially if the weight is heavier, is that they lose their grip and/or their forearms are on fire.

The reason this happens is the grip is to tight. 

Just use your hands as hooks.
Your focus should be using your meaty luscious back muscles to pull the weight.

Another tip when training your back, try to keep your shoulders back and always go for the stretch.

This will aid in keeping good posture, good range of motion and activate more muscle fibres.

Our bodies can trick us with thinking we are going full range, when we may in fact not be.
Once and awhile, take a look in the mirror when you’re doing your next back routine and check yourself out!
Could you be stretching a little more at the top?
Are you bent over enough to isolate your back muscles?

The stronger you back the stronger your core so the stronger your foundation.

Next time you are in the gym, ask yourself.  Do I have my own back?


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