Exercise Program to Widen & Strengthen Your Lats

A tapered V-shape back is not only impressive on males, but also females.

Wider and stronger lats not only look good, it also helps with other lifts, daily activities and certain sports.  It’s the stabilizers for lifts like the bench press, upright rows and even deadlifts.

Here is a program to give a try.

All exercises here are to be preformed as a superset.

With the lower reps, pick a heavier weight that you can complete.  The higher reps, pick a lower weight.  This is for blood for to get the maximum benefit.


1-A  Wide T-Bar Rows                                  4   x   8

(one grip wider then shown in clip and lean forward more)

1-B  Dumbbell Pullover                                 4  x  15

2-A  Wide Lat Pulldown                                4  x  8

2-B  Seated Rows                                        4  x  15

3-A  Incline Bar Pullover                               4  x  8

3-B  High Cable One Handed Rows             4  x  15

4-A  Wide Seated Rows                                4  x  8

4-B  Straight Lat Pulldown                            4  x  15


With this routine, it will give you wings to soar with the eagles.

Caution…after this routine, getting through doorways with your new found size, may be a struggle.

For more programs like this, contact us and we will go over our different packages.

Keep Strong my friends and keep Focused,

Lawrence & Jodi

Your Online Weight Training Coaches



All exercises and information is intended for healthy individuals without any present medical conditions. We advise you to consult a licensed health care professional prior to commencing a weight-training program. Mariposa Iron Company Inc and authors specifically disclaim all responsibility and liability for any injury arising from the use and application of this information.