Exercises to better your cycling


Only a few more months until you will be out side cycling with your shades on while the sun beats down upon you.

Now, no complaining of the heat!

Right now is a great time to start weight training for this and these helpful exercises that we’ll get to, at least won’t be complaining about your cycling performance.

First and foremost make sure to stretch out your hip flexors. These little guys get real tight with the constant tension and position you are in.

When it comes to weight training for cycling you still want to keep working your overall body.

So keep your training the same while adding in these other ones below that will isolate the muscles involved in your cycling.

Some of these exercises below may not seem connected, but keep some trust as they are for your stabilizing muscles that will be involved while you cycle.

Reverse seated rows


Strength low rows top handles


Stiff deadlift


Deep single dumbbell squats


Reverse t-bar rows


Rear peck deck


Seated calf raise


Adding in these will for sure help in getting your body ready for the upcoming warm months when your hair, (helmet) will be blowing in the wind and your
breath gasping for air with all your new found strengths!

Until next time,

Keep focused my friend and keep strong.


~Mariposa Iron Company Inc~



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