Getting back on track

O.K.  So it’s summer time.  
Drinks are cooling, food is tasty and weekends filled with outdoor fun.


It’s easy to drift at any season for whatever reason.

For some, when this happens they think, “what is the use”.  

So they snub the gym and any other healthy things for their mind and body.  Then this is when the getting-back-to-the-gym is a challenge and often feel like a fatty failure.  

The best thing you can do if you are in this rut is get back to the gym.

Forget about knowing your eating isn’t up to par.  

Yes, you will probably not have the greatest workouts at the start.  

What this will do however is get you back into the groove of things and you will find your eating will improve simply from working out again.

You will start to feel better and in turn will probably make better food choices.

It’s easy to get in our minds that it’s all or nothing.  

Unless you are training for a competition or a specific goal, you don’t always have to have this approach.  Keeping one or the other will not only help with your self confidence but will also not take you long to get back on track.

So give yourself some slack Jack ( or Jan ).


nd remember asking yourself these 3 things before you eat something.

1.  Is this going to get me the results I want?

2.  How will I feel after I eat this?  

3.  Am I really that hungry or am I just bored?

By being more mindful with what we ingest will also help keep us on track  At least in between those patio hangouts and backyard gatherings!

Keep focused.

~Mariposa Iron Company~ 



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