Goal setting


Goal setting and how to stick to them


Training can be a lot of fun and seeing progress is, well pretty awesome and something to be proud of.

By setting goals and taking the action thats needed with the consistency one needs is where people fail.

How many times have you made goals and failed?  If you are like most, probably a lot.

Set a goal of what you want to achieve and a time frame.

Take a look at you eat and your lifestyle.


Here are a few pointers that may help you keep those goals.


  • Keep a food dairy for two weeks and be honest about it.
  • Be realistic and patient…Your body takes time to change
  • Break goals down into smaller goals, picking the most important one while setting a time limit.
If you want to lose 30lbs in one month, you will be disappointed.  Pick a realistic goal.
  • What actions are you going to take?
A goal is only a wish without action.  Write down what actions you will take and do to achieve your goal.
  • Trust yourself
By keeping realistic goals and taking the actions for your goals takes trust within yourself.  If you always try to make huge changes all at once,
this isn’t building trust for yourself.

Once you pick simple and consistent goals and actions and follow through with this, you start to build a great trust for yourself that you will and can
be a winner in your words and choices.

  •  Pick an elimination goal each month

One month, try cutting out all breads, or maybe all sugar.  Don’t eliminate more than one thing at a time.  Again, you want to build that trust
within yourself.

  • Treat yourself

At every milestone, treat yourself to something.

  • Realize that there will be outside influences that will effect your changes.


Overall, be proud of what you have done and are doing.  

Goals and achievement takes focus, determination, discipline and change.


Keep focused.  Keep strong.


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