How to bring up your chest

What to do in the gym to bring up your chest.

The main exercises that will help all this come back are;

  • Bench & incline press,
  • Flat & incline dumbell press,
  • High incline dumbell press in the 5th hole,
  • Peck deck with hands placed high,
  • High cable flys brought out in front of your chin,
  • Dumbell pullover,
  • Wide front press.

How you perform the exercises and the sequence they are done is makes all this happen.

The weight is important but more important is your form.

Always keeping in mind you want to lift with your chest muscles…that mind to muscle connection.

Full range also comes in because, your need to allow the blood to get into the areas working for new growth and getting that tightness in your chest you
are looking for.

You want to start with dumbell work to allow the blood into the areas by feeling the stretch across your chest.

Then, finish with bar work to force more blood into the area and allowing more of the smaller muscles to come into play.

We are all different, so you will need to play around with what group’s works the best for you.

I will give examples and explain why I have done it this way.

Example 1:

Incline dumbell press 4 x 8

Flat dumbell press 4 x 8

Incline press 4 x 8

The incline dumbell press works the upper chest.

The flat dumbell press works the middle of the chest then the incline press fills the whole chest area with blood.

Example 2:

High incline dumbell press in the 5th hole   4 x 8

Peck deck grip the handles high   4 x 8

Bench press   4 x 8

The high incline dumbell press puts blood into the upper chest area.

Griping the peck deck higher will put more blood in the upper chest area.

By finishing off with the bench press will fill the whole area with blood.


Example 3:

Dumbell pullover while keeping arms bent at all times   4 x 8

High cable fly’s off the twin cable unit while bringing the handles together in front of your chin    4 x 8

Wide front press while using a grip past your shoulders   4 x 8

The dumbell pullover opens up the chest, shoulder area and the back puts blood in all these areas.

The high cable fly’s puts more blood in the shoulder and upper chest area.

Finishing off with the wide front press again fills the whole area with more blood.  The whole idea of the above groups are to tighten and pull the
chest up.

By using full range and feeling the area work it won’t take much time before you will feel and start to see things happening.

The weights used should allow you to use full range and by the last set start to fail slightly.

You should alter the different chest routines each week so the chest doesn’t know what’s coming.

You can also use different sets and reps.

Rep’s of 10 work well, but to really shock the body throw in 20 rep’s. These higher reps will really help tighten your chest up.



Weight training coach/consultant 

~Mariposa Iron Company~



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