How to increase your deadlift


The deadlift.

Moving, lifting that which is motionless on the floor.

What a great feeling.

What a great accomplishment when everything goes as plan.

Just like the bench press and squat, you want to see where you stand, see what you can lift and always want to improve yourself on these lifts.

How do you increase this one lift?

Well, you could do more deadlifts with increasing the weight, changing the reps and set.

That does help with the right eating for strength gains.

But did you know that if you add in the supporting muscle groups this will also help and most definitely speed the process for your great lift?

Always look at the body as a whole and always work on your weakest link.

If you take care of the surrounding areas and strengthen your weakest link this will support your body for compound lifts like the deadlifts.

Here are some things to consider and try.

Your lower back takes quite the load in this lift.

Some exercises that will help strengthen your lower back:


Good mornings

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Your traps also need to be strong to help stabilize your lifts.

Exercises like;



trap shrugs


This will help strengthen your traps that are involved in your deadlifts.

Last but not least, your grip and forearms.

When doing any heavy lifting or pulling you will notice your grip can be the first to go. All that lifting and pulling takes quite the load on your grip
and forearms.

Here are some that will help with this.

Seated wrist curl


Wrist curl behind back

Low cable reverse curls


Reverse preacher curls

With adding all these in to your workout -as long as you don’t have surrounding injuries and your eating is good for recovery- you will notice a increase
in your deadlifts in time.

Cheers and plate rattles to your lift my friend.

Keep strong. Keep focused and keep lifting.

~Mariposa Iron Company Inc~




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