How to make the best out of your workout

You made it to the gym. 

It took some motivation and a little push, but you made it! 
You are motivated now. 
You want to make this the best
workout EVER! O.K…How? 

Look over your program and see what muscle groups
you are going to be working on.
Start to warm up the muscles with a nice stretch.
O.K, done! 

Care to start on the treadmill? 

This will not only warm up your body, but this will start to
get the blood going in your body. Look at this as a little
head start to your workout.
Do 5-10 minutes at a good pace.

Now the best part. The weight lifting!
How many reps are you doing? 
How many sets? 
If you have anything over 10 reps, keep your rest to 30
seconds of less in-between each set.
Anything less then 10, keep your rest period to 30 seconds
or more. 

Feel those muscles working. 

Often times you can just go with the flow, thinking of your
days chores, appointments, task…
This time is for you to connect with your body and
Keep every exercise with good form and full range!
This not only helps you stay flexible by stretching your
muscles and tendons, this also helps work the muscles for
better toning, size (for those that are eating and wanting
this), and helps gain strength. 

Look at every workout as a day closer to your goals, and a
healthier you.
What you put in each workout, you will defiantly get

You are stronger then you know … Mariposa Iron Company

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