Iain Browing

I’ve been a member with Mariposa Iron Company for just short of 4 years now. I came in after an accident at work to find a workout that would help me strengthen my shoulder after

I had surgery on it. Since I travel all over Canada Lawrence and Jodi supply my workout routines + any help/advice through E-mail so it doesn’t matter where I end up I can always get my routines.

Regardless of what kind of gym or equipment is available to me they can always make adjustments to my program to fit whatever I have access to.
With their help I’ve got motivation to workout wherever, whenever, and always have a new routine to push myself.

From all the gyms I’ve been to across Canada its far and few between I’ve come across one that’s as well maintained, properly run, or set up as well as Mariposa Iron Company. Whenever I’m home I always make a point of getting in there regardless of how long I’m in town for. When I came in my shoulder was about 60% movement/strength, I’m now at 90% and still going.

Whether you are just starting to weight train or already experienced, Mariposa Iron Company can provide you with routines that suit your needs and all the motivation you could ask for.

Personal Best Bench Press (Start: 45 lbs – Now: 225 lbs).

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