Lifestyle Fitness (50+)

Active Change

Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one. – Astrid Alauda

Are things starting to ache a little more then usual? Are you feeling limited to what you can do now? Maybe you feel better then ever and want to continue that independent freedom.

Here’s the thing. We all age, we all get older and it’s just going to happen. We may never be able to do those things we could when we were 20 years old and to be honest half of the things we probably wouldn’t want to do anymore (half of it anyways!)

Why should age be a limitation on doing what we love to do now? Age itself isn’t limiting to us. I have seen people way up into their late 90’s continue to live limitlessly.

It’s all to do with how we care (or don’t care) for our physical body and health.

Maybe what has kept you away from the joining a gym is the intimidating music, the intimidating crowds or the simple fact of not knowing the first thing about weight training.  After all, who would want to chance injuring themself when the whole purpose is to rebuild a greater independence?

This is were we come in. We will design a program for you that is tailored to your lifestyle, limitations, age and goals so you can continue to enjoy doing more of what you love.

You deserve nothing but the best when it comes to fitness and weight training. This is what you will find and receive as a member. We take all the guesswork out for you on what workouts to do for your age and limitations.
As you grow older, keeping an active lifestyle is more important than ever. If you are 50+ and want to continue or start to improve your quality of life through weight training and guidance, Mariposa Iron Company Inc will get you there.

Our Iron programs are tailored and designed just for you to keep you independent and strong now and into the future. Your physical independence, physical mobility and freedom is what Mariposa Iron Company Inc was created on over 40 years ago.

We hold strong to this more than ever and will continue to be there for your generation and the generations to come.