Marci C

Words cannot describe the amazing results and experience that I got from mariposa iron company. I have had the privilege of being trained both in the gym and by emailed routines and I am always amazed by the quick results. I have knee issues that have never been addressed at other gyms. They all ignored it and caused a lot of pain. But the routines through mariposa are always custom for me to help strengthen week areas and allow for healing in others. They also provide meal suggestions and food ratios, assessments and feedback. I have never been treated with so much respect at a gym. Never have I felt like a number or an inconvenience at mariposa. The other clients are amazing too. It’s not a fashion show or a gun show. It’s a beautiful community filled with support and encouragement of all ages.
I recommend this gym and the custom programs to anyone and everyone. Being able to walk into any gym anywhere, and have the confidence of a proper routine is priceless. It takes away the guesswork, the possibilities for injury and the self consciousness of training in public. And the results are apparent very quickly. I’ve felt that this was mostly from the routine itself, but also from being accountable to someone.
Thank you mariposa iron company, so very much. You’ve not only helped me to lift heavier weights but also lifted my spirits on more occasions then you know. ( not to mention helped me loose over 100 lbs)

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