Mind to muscle

Are you focused when you are working out?

What separates the good from the best in the iron world is the mind to muscle connection.

This takes practice to get the link, but when it does, you will notice a great difference and your training will then take on a whole new meaning.
After all, this is what its all about.

This is how we iron believers meditate!

Next time you’re in the gym, try this out.

First, leave everything at the door…All your stress, worries, work, family issues…If needed, you can grab those back when you leave.

When you grab that iron, allow sometime to focus on what body part you are about to train and just use those muscles to push the weight.

Many people that lift heavy or want to lift heavy are just interested in the amount of weight, thinking the heavier the better. What they often don’t have is this mind to muscle connection that actually will give them MORE then always lifting heavy.

When you have the mind connection, this makes any weight feel heavy and works the muscle deeper and more intense. 

I’m not saying that lifting heavy is not also good for size and strength, but once you do this, you will find you will in fact be able to lift heavier at a more controlled and comfortable pace.

Let’s take flat dumbell fly’s for an example of creating an IRON connection.

Start with holding the dumbells straight up over your chest. Now as you stretch your arms out to do the fly’s, focus on your chest muscles pulling the dumbells back together.

Focus on a slow but steady pace, like a 3-4 second count as you bring the weights out and again, a 3-4 second count as you bring the weights back together.

You will begin to notice and feel the difference just after trying this a few times.

This is the beginning of creating a mind to muscle connection.

A great way not only to achieve greater strength and conditioning, but to establish an even better rapport with the much loved iron.

Keep strong and stay focus

~Mariposa Iron Company Inc~

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