New Year resolution in food & fitness

New Year resolution in food and fitness


It’s a new year and if you’re like most this comes with new resolutions in hopes to…well first…start them, then in hopes maintaining them.

First off, try to be realistic in your goals.

This builds trust within yourself and the confidence that you can do it.  This is such an important thing to remember.

An example is if one of your fitness goals are to jog but you hate jogging and you have never stuck with it, what makes you think you’re going to stick
to it this time?

Maybe try to get your cardio from other source’s like a class, or using the elliptical or an indoor bike…

There are many ways to get your cardio on!

Same thing when it comes to weight training.  If you are just starting out and promise yourself you are going to do 4-5 times a week, that may be
a bit of a push and an unrealistic goal for yourself if you haven’t even stuck to 2-3 times a week before.

So pick to something and keep it regular.  You can always increase the times you go in after you create this new habit.  And make the time for
yourself and plan this out before your big leap, if you haven’t made that leap already.

When it comes to your food, always start with writing down what you are already eating for at least 3 days.  This maybe surprising in what your findings

You may not realize how much naughty foods you consume OR how little of the good foods that you don’t consume.

The best is to consume 4-5 smaller meals a day.  If time does not allow this for you, at least consume 3 solid meals a day.

When it comes to food, make sure to consume enough healthy fats, protein and carbs throughout each day.

A basic food outline for someone just starting may look something like this;


Oatmeal with ground flaxseed

Scrambled eggs


Apple with peanut butter


Chicken salad with olive oil or avocado

1/2 cup rice or quinoa


Cheese with a fruit


Roast beef

1 cup cooked veggies


Handful of almonds

Always keep it simple.

When it comes to food and weight training, it really does not need to be complicated at all.  The biggest thing is keeping consistent everyday ( or
most days ) to something that is congruent to your goal(s).

Keep building that trust with yourself and never doubt what you can achieve.

You can do this!!

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