Are Old Injuries Coming Back?

Have you been weight training now for a bit and noticed old injuries come back that you thought were healed?

This is around the time that these old battle wounds can rear their ugly heads again.

This happens because, typically, when you first start weight training, you do what’s comfortable.

As you go on, this is when you start pushing yourself more, so this is why old injuries may resurface.  The more exercises you start to implement into your training, as well as different training methods, the more we are apt to notice these little buggers.

This is a time you want to step back and reassess and make some changes in your routine.

As an example, lets say an old shoulder injury has come back.
With this, you want to start eliminating all bar work, any dip exercises and just use free weights.

Exercises like hammer front raise, bentover raise (depending on the shoulder injury), hammer side raise, incline front raise or hammer style and so on.  What you want to do here is build and strengthen around the area so more muscles can start to get to work and help take the load off.

Same goes if you have lower back injuries or pain.  You want to stay away from any and all bentover exercises for a while and even eliminate some leg exercises that interfere with the lower back as well.

For the lower back, this is a time to strengthen the upper part of your back.  So pulldowns, reverse pulldowns, wide lat pulldowns, seated rows, but make sure with all these you don’t lean back.  Inline dumbbell pullovers would work good here too.  You want to keep all these at a comfortable weight so your movement and posture stays correct.  These are just a few examples that would help and at least get you started on strengthening around that area.

Here is a very important time to go as full range as you can to get good blood and nutrients into that area to help repair and strengthen it.
It’s also important to make sure you are eating enough protein and carbs to help repair those injuries that have come back.

This will take a couple to a few months and sometimes longer, depending on how bad your injury was, to fully repair itself.

If you have tried and changed your routine around your injuries and still feel it’s not healing properly, this is a time where you may need some extra outside help. That may be through a message therapist, chiropractor, physiotherapist or so on.

The main important part here is to realize that you are not going backwards. It’s simply that you are pushing yourself more and have hit a point that needs to be looked at and altered around.

Keep Strong.  Keep Focused.

Lawrence & Jodi

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