Old Way


Mariposa Iron Company Inc is based on set on the old way of training.

We have kept everything simple to the basics.  

It has worked for us for over 41 years and has worked for even longer than that.

If you watch new fads and training, most always incorporate some similar old way that everyone has stopped doing and lost over the years.


Here are ways in which to keep in simple;


  • Keep your routine simple!
By keeping it simple but by including all your muscle groups, even the smaller ones, keeps your body changing and progressing.


  • Eat regularly 
By eating regularly not only keeps your blood sugars, hormones, energy, brain, etc…in balance, it also helps you achieve your weight training and fitness


  • Keep consistent rest periods
We always recommend starting with a 40 second rest period in between sets.  When the weights are lighter and the reps are higher, decrease it to 30
seconds or less.  The opposite for increase weight and lower reps.  Anywhere from 1 min to 4 mins is ideal.

Not matter what though, pick a rest period and stick with it throughout your entire routine that day.


  • Workout 3-4 times a week
By keeping consistent with training this will not only build your own trust with yourself, this will give you the consistency you need to reach your goals.
Sometimes doing more is not always better.  Your body repairs best when resting and with proper nutrition.


  • Stay away from supplements!
Too many people relay on supplements and not enough from real foods.  There is a time when supplements can help give you the edge you may need, but
for most, this is not needed.  Real food is what’s needed.


  • Have goals and stick to them
Keep one goal in mind at a time.  If you want to tone down, than keep that your goal and your focus.  If you want size, keep that your focus.
 Don’t worry about your next goal until you get there.


  • Enjoy yourself!
Weight training takes dedication, discipline and focus but should always stay fun and be enjoyable.  If it’s not than you may want to check your attitude
and outlook when training.  Try to keep it exciting and make a game out of it.


  • Listen to your body
If you are tired, rest and check out your food intake.  You may be lacking something.  Your body will tell you what you need if you listen to
it.  Never go against it or it will go against you!


  • Increase volume/weight at a slow controlled rate
If you can bench 205lbs, don’t try to add another 50lbs on.  This is where injuries and imbalances start to happen.


  • Always workout for balance
It’s easy to and many people do this.  They stick to something usually very basic and only work the same muscle groups.  This also creates imbalances.
 Still to a routine that focuses again on the overall body to create and maintain balance throughout. 


And there you have it folks!

The old way.  Pretty simple and truly does work if you work at it.


Keep strong, Keep focused.


Mariposa Iron Company Inc

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