Older adults and weight training


Older adults and weight training

Over the years I have always tried to influence older adults on the benefits of weight training. 

In some ways I have succeeded but not totally. 

I constantly hear that ”I do not need train because I am active in other ways. These other ways included working around the house, playing sports on the
weekends, going for walks or short comfortable runs etc.”

Yes, you are true in saying that these activities do help you keep active But there is a big draw back.


No matter what you do it only works certain muscles and this in turn creates a problem that will come back to haunt you as you age.

Because of not working the overall body you will start to have small aches that will not go away and along with this, muscle pulls that will take longer
to heal.


The body itself is amazing and will treat us well if we treat it well.


The body will give us little hints that we are not on track which include what I have mentioned above.


If we do not listen than each time it will let us know again in a different way. 

This time it will cause to think that maybe I should back off a little because I have done too much. 

This is the time you really need to step back and look at what you are doing…This is you last warning.


If you do not listen this time than be prepared for the next step.

You all know what I talking about here, when this next comes you will be going to the doctor for help. This time you will be out of commission for a longer
period time. I could go on but I have said enough.

How can this could be helped.


First, is need to sit down and think about what ever you are doing and ask yourself, will this help me as I age.


The answer to this is NO.


The body needs to be worked from all different angles to keep the whole body strong and tight.

The only real way to do this is weight training. By following an overall program at the start your weakness will soon come to the surface.


The problem that needs to be watched here is working only what you like to do and keep the strong areas strong.


In doing this your weaker areas become weaker and will in time become a major problem.

It seems like I am painting a bleak picture, but really it’s not.


You just need to get into a program that will get you back on track. All this can be done just by working out three times per week for about 45 to 50 minutes.

Yes it will take some time but by taking that time now the rewards will be given back many times over.



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