Our Difference

Custom Online Fitness & Weight Training Programs

Imagine having the convenience of receiving a custom tailored program emailed to you every single week. Let us take the guesswork out of what to do in the gym.

You can be anywhere in the world and still benefit from our tailored fitness and weight training programs.

There are endless online fitness and weight training programs available to you ranging from free to hundreds of dollars a month, all promising amazing results. Some will deliver this to you, but a lot won’t. What makes many of these programs fail is the fact that it is not tailored and customized for you, and it is not created by a real person.

We all have different limitations, injuries, strengths and weaknesses, not to mention our fitness goals. To make your goal a reality you need a program designed 100% for you by a real trainer. This is where we come in. Whether you are a newbie or experienced, Mariposa Iron Company Inc will form and design you a fitness and weight training program.

We remove any guesswork and leave you with the right program that will get you what you are after. Every step of the way we will still be with you by offering unlimited online personal support and guidance.

No matter what your fitness or weight training goals are, no matter what age or experience you have, you can get daily fitness and weight training programs sent to you.

We have separated ourselves from the rest of the fitness industry by providing our members with personalized programs and services. We use a variety of weight training methods that have been proven to provide lasting results. We begin each membership with an online assessment and consultation to design a program and game plan that will provide each member with all they need to achieve their goals.

Our members receive a daily program that is not only tailored and suited to their goals and needs, but also tailored around injuries and limitations.

Since 1974 Mariposa Iron Company has helped thousand of every day people attain a better way of life. We have trained and guided athletes of all ages, experience and abilities to reach their full potential.

We have helped build champions in all walks of life through knowledge, innovation, experience and guidance. We look forward to continue this concept and promise for years to come.