Setting up Training Program


Setting up your training program

So you have taken the big step and joined the gym.

Now what?

Before you get totally confused take a moment and keep it all simple.

Remember back the “WHY’S” you did this.

Do not allow yourself to get caught up in all of this so called needed extras.

Keep it simple…start at the basics.

Know your weakness first.

The biggest thing when setting up a routine is leave your EGO at the door.

Use whatever weights you need always and keep them moderate and do the exercises in the best from you can at this present time.

As you move along how you do the exercises changes.

Remember not to look at the weights in each exercise alone but the whole routine. Than you will know if the weights are the right ones to use.

The true picture comes a few days after you work out.

You want to feel the muscles that have not been used for a while, if ever, but still be able to move the next day.

The second workout will always tell you if the path you are on is the right one.

For people who have never workout before should start by working your whole body before doing the split routine where you work two body parts each day.

Doing it this way you know how your body works as a unit and weakness will soon come to the surface.

Always start with the largest muscles and work to the smallest.

So, how do I than set up a basic routine?

Get your paper out and right your basic body parts legs, chest, back, shoulder, arms. Now pick exercises that go with each part.

Keep these to the basic exercises leg press, bench press, lat pull downs, dumbell press, tricep pushdown, barbell curl…than add in a stomach and calf exercise.

To start use 3 sets of 10 reps on the basic exercises and 3 sets of 15 for stomach and calves.

Remember, as I stated above, it’s not the workout day but the days after when all comes to a head.

Keep your rest period between sets at 30-40 seconds. Using this type of rest period serves two purposes, shows your weakness because they will fatigue
and will show if your eating is off because your energy will be used up quickly.

Another important fact.

Do not change anything in your lifestyle.  

Let the workouts show you your weakness in your eating by how your energy is.

The training alone will be a big enough shock to your system.

Allow your body time to adjust than it can better handle any other changes.

Let the body change at its own pace and pay attention how you feel.

That way you cannot go wrong.

Have fun and look toward to a new you.



Weight training coach/consultant

~Mariposa Iron Company Inc~


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