Shaping Leg Workout for Women

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“Legs can’t be bought – they have to be earned” ~ Danielle Beausoleil

Training your legs hard and good, with a good solid eating plan, will help change, sculpt and shape the rest of your body.

When it comes to training them, just like the rest of your body, you want to provide enough variety, training methods, reps and sets for continuous change.

Here is a KILLER Leg Workout that will have your legs screaming by the end.

For the drop sets, keep the weight the same all the way across, with a 5 second rest period between each set of reps.

For the rest in between each set, keep it around 30-40 seconds for best results.

The ones after the drop set are to be performed as a superset.

Keep every movement full range.


Leg Press                                            15 12 10 8 6 4   x   4sets

1A-Leg Extension                                3   x   15

1B-Leg Curl                                         3   x   15

Single Wide Dumbbell Squat              15 12 10 8 6 4   x   4sets  (do one stance wider than shown in video

2A-Stiff Deadlift                                   3   x   15

2B-Bar Hack                                        3   x   15


There you have it…and your legs will have it as well.

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Keep Strong.  Keep Focused.

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