Size matters

For those that want size, size does matter.

Many people that want to put good muscle mass on THINK they eat a lot.

But more times than not, they don’t or are eating the wrong foods.

There is so much stuff out there on what foods to eat for size and when to eat them and so on.

Keep it simple.  Simple does work, especially when it comes down to food, no matter what your goal is.

If you are wanting to pack on some good gains in the muscle department, eating the right amount of carbs and protein will be very important.

***Depending on your age, you want to eat a lot of carbs (complex) and protein (meats and fish), always starting with protein first then your carbs second***

This is where some confusion comes in.  Often times we have guys thinking there’re eating a lot, but in fact they are not, not the right foods anyway.

Most fill up on breads, protein shakes, protein bars, pizza…

This will only get you gains in the stomach!

Another suggestion would be keeping your meals to 5-6 times a day with protein and carbs.  This will keep feeding your muscles all through the day and help them repair, which is where the growth comes in.

Now if/when you have junk – because we all do – never replace it with a meal.  Meaning, always eat your regular muscle building foods first, THEN indulge.

Keeping consistent with your foods will keep your body always knowing when it will be fed.  Our bodies like this and work best this way.

So try to keep your meals coming in as consistent as you can. 

Keep hungry my friends.

~Mariposa Iron Company Inc~

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