Supersets, tri-sets, giant sets


What do supersets, tri-sets and giants sets do for your body?

First off, they are a great way to shock the body and put more blood into the muscles.

Using the above however, should only be done after you have worked for 6 months or more.  The reason being you need to prepare the body for the shock
that is about to come.

Your eating pattern also needs to be looked so you will have the energy needed to make the best out of these.

There are different ways to do supersets, tri-sets and giants sets; using the push and pull method or using the same muscle group.

The weight you use is generally about 65% of want you normally use and a rest period that allows you to recover.

The key is to use full form, full range to allow the muscles to feel full and pumped.

Using the this type of training brings new freshness to your training.

It’s also requires less time in the gym to provide the body a break overall.

It’s really important to really shake it up and do not do the same exercises all the time if you are doing your own program.  Doing this way will
also show weakness that can be worked on during your next phase.

Using this type of training after a 2 or 3 month of heavy lifting can also really help bring new growth to the muscles you have worked.

It also gives your mental break form the heavy sessions.

Summer is also a good time for this type of training you can in and out in a shorter period of time so can enjoy more of the great summer weather.

Train hard and keep focused.


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