The difference between Lat Pulldown and Lat stretch



As you can see the Lat stretch is leaning back more than the Wide Lat pulldown (same as Lat pulldown but your grip is not as wide) while you pull the bar

So, how does this effect your muscles?

Firstly, the Lat stretch isolates more muscles because of leaning back more.

This will help with your stabilizing muscles for lifts like the bench press.

This works on your lats, but also on your rear delts, hence your stabilizing muscles while bench pressing.

To keep your back straight as pull down, this will in turn also work your stomach/core muscles a little more than the standard lat pulldown.

The standard Lat pulldown really isolates your lats and also your obliques, as long as you focus on the stretch up.

The real benefits from adding the two gives your body variety and works on difference muscles than if you just kept one instead of the other.

The stretch also allows you to lift heavier because of the swing back.

Never though allow yourself to swing back too much.  This will not only stop working the areas of which you want to work, this can also lead to you
pulling your back pretty good.

If you are finding you’re swinging back too much, your probably lifting too much at the moment.

There you have it folks!

Enjoy the variety of weight training and always keep strong.

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