The importance of full range

Below is a video of how a full range Incline bench press should look like.
Notice how he touches the bar to his chest each rep?

You may not know the importance of full range but it effects you in more ways than you may realize.

First off, it breaks down scar tissue.

Scar tissue is developed when our bodies get an injury or a tear. It’s a very normal part of our bodies healing process. Another amazing thing our bodies do!

When we get a tear or injury our body forms new cells to help heal the body.

If this isn’t, in time, stretched out or broken down, this is where clumps of tissue form…Scar tissue.

When you go full range while weight training this helps remould and align the collagen fibres (the new cells that are formed after injury or tear) that help the muscles, tendons and ligaments become healthy tissues again.

Simply put, full range helps repair injuries and tears, once you are ready to work these areas.

Secondly, full range helps work the smaller muscle groups that surround the larger muscle groups.

This not only helps our basic lifts in the gym, like the bench press, it also decreases the chance getting tears and injuries while weight training.

Another great reason to do full range is it helps keep our bodies flexible by stretching the muscles and tendons.

And lastly, it looks good and impressive.

Doing half reps don’t look near as impressive as doing full range reps.

So, if you’re just working out for double takes and how great you are, go full range.

I can guarantee you will get more looks this way.

Your body deserves do be at it’s best all the time. In the gym and out of the gym.

Next time you weight train, try to stretch your muscles more by going full range.
This brings things back down do the basics and you get a new appreciation for all your dedication you put into your body.
Enjoy my friend.


Keep Strong. Keep Focused.


~Mariposa Iron Company Inc~



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