The importance of training legs

Your legs supply the most oxygen and blood in your body.

So when trained, especially at full range, you not only put blood/oxygen into your legs, you provide blood flow into other muscle

**When blood and oxygen get into a muscle, this is what causes the most talked about ‘pump’…Muscle food!**

This is why its good to use weight bearing exercises for your legs if
you suffer from poor circulation (as long as you get the A OK from your

This is also why some will train their legs with a lagging muscle group.

Example~ Let’s just say your shoulders are lacking in size or strength and you want them to be more proportion to the rest of you.

So you would train your shoulders to get blood and oxygen in them-you go for the pump!
You then would fill more oxygen to that muscle group by training your legs, then go back to finish training your shoulders.

What leg exercises should you do?

Either a leg press, a squat, leg extension super set with leg curl would be suffice to provide a solid pump. Keep these at a moderate weight at a higher repetition, going full range at each rep.

For the daddy~mommy of all pumps, a descending set (strip set) would do wonders, as long as your diet is 100%.

I think our legs deserves a-round-of-applause, don’t you think!?

Keep training smart

~Mariposa Iron Company~

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