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Nice defined traps don’t only look good, they help keep your posture just right!


Some hate training them worried about the no neck look, while others totally love it because of that thought.

You will not get that look unless you pill on the weight and train for that.

When it come to exercises that focus on your traps, like the these;


Upright rows

Lat Shrugs

High shoulder pull

Strict rear peck deck

Strict bent over raise


It’s important to stretch out (down) your traps and shoulders.


This will, in time, keep better mobility and flexibility.


One area of the traps that aren’t hit as often and are not worked on doing your standard shrugs are your lower to medium traps.

This area of your traps really help pull together your back and help even more with posture.

This are also helps with other lifts and when doing daily activities or for most sports.

This is when these odd ball exercises come in.  They’re only really a few that focus on this part of the trap.

And they are…


High shoulder pull


Decline dumbell tension front raise


Close lat shrugs (focusing on the area)


Next time you are working on your traps, remember the benefits of them.

They really are helpful for posture, a great tie in around the shoulder area and back and benefit many daily activities.

When life gets in the way…Shrug it off!

Stay Strong and Stay focused.

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