What makes a great weight training program?

Over the years we have had many people ask if they should follow their weight training programs in order.

The answer is yes.

Most definitely.

Here is why.

Each program is after an effect and that effect is to strengthen, repair, grow or tighten the muscles, depending on your goal.

Here’s an example;

You have a shoulder injury.

What we want to do is put blood (oxygen) to that whole area first, so we would first prescribe shrugs.

Then, we move into putting blood (again, oxygen) into your medium traps to help take some of the work load off.

Now, depending on what your shoulder injury is and where it is, we would then start to work the area that we need to strengthen and repair.

Same idea with someone who wants to increase their upper chest.

This time though we put blood into the top part first with an incline of some sort depending on the person.

This is for growth.

Once the blood gets into the upper chest we would then move on to a medium bench press or standard one.

This fills in the whole area.

Lastly, we would prescribe a high peck deck or high incline fly.

This will fill in the top area even more.

Every program should be set with intention on what you want the effect to be.

No one program should be the same.

What also makes a good program is when you go into the gym, know which body parts you are going to work and focus on those areas when working out.

A lot of people don’t know which exercise works each muscle group.

Ask someone —raised hand here— or, research it on reputable site to know what muscles you’re working.

This will help get you mentally into your training as well.

The right program will also help guide you with your eating.

If you are not getting something out of it, I can guarantee your eating is off.

You should feel a difference when you’re done training.

If you fail when you train, aren’t getting that pump, get dizzy or fatigue, your carbs or protein intake may be lacking.

By having the right mind set and the right program, you will not only begin to notice the changes, you will also gain more confidence and strength within.

Weight training provides an abundance of benefits when you really sit back. Sometimes all that needs changing is your mind set and approach before you enter the Iron world.

Till next time,

Keep strong. Keep focused.

~Mariposa Iron Company Inc~



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