What to eat before & after you workout

If you want to make the best of your time at the gym, it’s important to make sure you eat the right foods.

Throughout the day you want to consume enough protein, healthy fats and enough complex carbs to give your mind and body enough nourishment and energy to
not only get through the day, but also to provide the results that you’re after and the energy to do so while in the gym.

Now what to eat before you workout.

By having a consistent eating plan throughout the day, this will defiantly help when you’re hitting the weights at the gym.

If you’re a novice lifter; new to weight training, or just want to be more active, right before you workout having some simple quick carbs, like fruit,
should help enough for some quick energy.

Now if you are going to push yourself to a point, having more solid carbs like oatmeal will usually do the trick about 20 mins before you hit the weights.

If you are more of a serious lifter and wanting to build strength and perhaps size or even training really hard in the gym, you will want to have more
complex carbs before.  You will want something like a potato before hand.

Because this is a complex carb it will take longer to get into your system. You will need to give yourself 40 mins for this to get into your system before
it will give your body energy.

As you can see, it all depends on what your goals are and how hard you are going to train to determine what to eat before.

Not everyone is created equal here.

We all have different goals so your eating should always be looked at for what works for you. This is no different than your weight training program.

The same thing goes for after you workout.

A novice, or someone who is training to maintain or just be more active, after you weight train a simple carb, again, like a piece of fruit should do.

Someone who is training for weight loss or pushing to a point, should benefit enough with a protein and a piece of fruit after.

For those training for strength, size or really pushing hard, you will want to replace all the energy you used plus add in protein for growth and repair.

This is where a complex carb, healthy fat and protein will come in about 40 mins after you workout.

When it comes to nutrition often times it takes awhile to see what works for YOU.

We all need a starting point and this usually is where we start everyone until we can see what works for the individual.

Some people need more carbs in their diet to make any changes, even if its weight loss, where others need little carbs for changes to happen.

This is the great, and also the frustrating part of getting results.

No two people are alike, so it’s always taking that time to figure what works best for you.

We all need to start somewhere.

This should get you going in the right direction to your goals.

Until next time folks,

Keep Strong. Keep Focused.


~Mariposa Iron Company~



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