Where has my chest gone part3

You have decided to take the step, so now what?

I need to break this down into have not worked out before and have worked out before.

For those who have not worked out before need to be into working your overall body to see if have any weakness.

The weakness that will effect this change are shoulders, neck area, elbows, wrists and finally any chest injuries.

By working your overall body will bring all the above to light. Also knowing any injuries that may have happened from any sports you played will also have
an impact.

Now you are in the stages of changing your eating and now are starting to work out.

Just by do these two you will start to feel a tightness in your whole body (along with a bit of stiffness in the areas that have been asleep for a few

The important part here is to allow the body time to get used to it all.

After a few months you will know how you’re new eating effects your training and will have trimmed down a bit in your waist. The weight scale may or may
not have changed either way is fine for now.

Now is the time to start changing your routine around to allow all your energy to go to making the changes in your chest.

This is also the time to change routine into the split type of training. This means that work different areas on different days. Your chest will be on
a day by itself than break the rest of your body on other days. Four days a week is all you will need. Training your chest once per week. Doing this
allows it to fully recover.

An important part is to stay focused on your goal. DO NOT try and bring any other part up, can do that after you are finished working your chest.

When you start doing the exercises need to focus on feeling the area working and getting a connection with chest muscles and the smaller ones around it.
At this point I am presuming that through your overall workouts all have gone fine and no real issues came to the surface.

If there were any this all has to be dealt with first. Do not let this work against you things will still change just not as quickly.

For those that have worked out before now is the time to go about in a similar way. The benefit is you know the weaknesses, if there are any, and you also
know how to focus on areas working.

Yours will be the shorter path and will see changes come more quickly.

I will leave it alone for now and let you take this all in.

Next time will go over the exercises that make this all happen.

Till next time,


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