Why diets fail

And it’s not because the above pic!!!…Which does kinda look good btw!

O.K.  You want to change your eating because you know this is where the results come from.  

You have probably, more times then you can think of, tried to stick to a ”diet” that you hoped would become a lifestyle.

Making changes to ANYTHING is hard and takes not only dedication and discipline, it also takes changing our habits…You know, the day to day routine that we get stuck and comfortable in?…Yeah, those.

Unless you are ready to make big changes and get a little uncomfortable until your new healthy eating regime becomes your new familiar habits, it won’t last.

What also can hinder you sticking to a new healthy choices, is that often we try to change everything at once.  For some people, they need this and it works.  
This approach however doesn’t work for everyone and maybe this is why it hasn’t for you, if this is something you struggle with.

If so, what you can do to make healthy choices daily is just focus on one meal.
Let’s take breakfast as an example.
Maybe you don’t have an appetite until noon, so breakfast is not your strong point and that’s O.K.  

Or maybe you’re a bread eater in the A.M, which, sorry to say, does not give you the energy that oatmeal, quinoa will give you, nor does it fill you up like protein does.

O.K.  So let’s start with the non breakfast eaters.  

If you can, try to start off with something, like even some orange juice or even better, a protein shake.
Don’t worry about changing anything else in your daily food choices.
Stick to this for 1 month.  

This will get you into a simple habit that won’t make you feel like you are loosing your identity!

Same goes with you toast eaters.  

Try to start with some protein first.  This does fill you up and is good for those muscles of yours.

Again, just like the non breakfast eaters, stick to this small change for a month.
After each month, pick another meal and change just one thing and again, keep this going for a month.
After a few months, you will see (and feel) how far you have come in changing your eating habits.

This does take a little longer, but the results will be everlasting and life changing.

So if you find your someone who has a difficult time changing your eating habits (we all have something we struggle with changing), then give this a try.
After all…What do you have to lose!? (…Wink, wink:) )

Keep focused and never give up.

~Mariposa Iron Company Inc~ 

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