Women’s Iron Empowerment

A Fitness Program…

…Customized For You

Wow! I really regret that workout. ~ Said no one ever.

Being a woman is strength, beauty, independence, confidence amongst many other traits. We want things in life that reminds us of this when we have our moments of uncertainty and doubt. Simply put, we want to feel empowered!

Women are now weight training more than ever, not only for the fit factor but also for the strength and empowerment it so graciously gives. The stigma of women becoming bulky if they weight train is slowly washing out as more and more studies show that weight baring exercises in fact burns more calories then cardio alone. Not to mention all the other health benefits weight training offers.

Women’s Iron Empowerment stands for just that. Empowering yourself through pumping iron.

Each and every program is created and designed just for you to meet all your fitness needs and goals, every single time you workout. All of our programs are created by a woman specifically for a woman!

Whether it is weight loss you’re after, strength and power, to tone and tighten your body and muscles, to increase energy and burn calories, to be motivated and pushed and guided, you will get just that with Women’s Iron Empowerment.

Just like all our other programs, each membership begins with an online fitness assessment and consultation. From here, we will be able to get to know you, your strength and abilities, your goals and your timeline. We will be able to start to create your fitness program by this first fitness assessment.

You deserve nothing but the best, so why should your fitness and health be any different?

Its time you demand more for yourself.