Your New Year Resolution

We all have dreams, desires, goals and promises we
make every year, sometimes every week. So give yourself some slack if you haven’t made the dent
you have wished for.

You may have heard before that a goal is only a wish
without action and a plan
. This statement holds so much power and truth. If you go grocery shopping without a list of what you need and want, then, more times then
not, something is forgotten.

The same goes for your fitness goals and any life goals you
set out for yourself. Here are a few tips to stick to your resolutions and goals.

What is your goal?

Get specific! Right down every single detail of it.

When do you want to achieve this?

Deadlines really help us by having an actual time frame of when we want to achieve something. It starts to make it more real and not just another wish.

What actions are you going to take?

Write a list down of all the actions that are needed.  It’s also good to have an action list of the times when you aren’t really feeling it-these times will happen- and knowing what will motivate you during these moments.

Why do you want to achieve this?

Have a list of at least 10 reasons WHY you want to
achieve this goal! This is not only a great visual to fall back on, it also get’s us focused on what we want, instead of what we don’t want!

By having a good plan, you will be able to spend more time on the DOING and less time spent on the fear of not doing.

Keep focused

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